An objective of the group is to equip the women with skills that will enable them to firstly earn through a Cooperative and then become entrepreneurs able to care for themselves and their families. 

Weekly empowerment sessions
Monthly Bible study
Skills training initially in sewing, hand-crafts and food services
Distribution of food and clothing to needy persons
Provision of assistance and support for the sick and shut-in

Lorna Archer Stanley O.D., J.P.

This program is the latest addition to our ministry. We have recognized the importance of reaching the parents of the children and youth in our ministry in order to encourage more nurturing, stable and supportive families. 85% of Jamaican households are female-headed, which means that the women who are in most cases unemployed are the bread-winners. This ministry currently reaches over 30 women, as it aims to motivate, equip and empower them through the following programs and activities:

Strong Women of Spicy Grove

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The Strong Women of Spicy Grove (SWOSG) is a ministry designed to empower, motivate and equip women to transform their lives, families and communities. Since its inception in May 2016,  under the leadership of Lorna Archer Stanley O.D., J.P. the ministry has grown extensively and now has a core of at least 16 women who meet twice weekly for bible study, motivational talks, sewing and craft projects.  

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