Sponsor a Child

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Our flagship program enables you to make of a huge difference in the life of a child. Access to education in Jamaica is limited for children growing up in poor families and under-developed communities. Irregular attendance at school is the norm for many children. This is a recipe for failure and confusion as children need consistency in order to be successful. Your sponsorship of a child will increase their chances of success as you help to provides the following:

2 School uniforms, shoes, school supplies at the beginning of the school year

Taxi fare to school and assistance with lunch (a hot meal)

Learning support through a daily tutoring program at the center

Spiritual training through our bible club ministry

Bringing hope and the love of Christ to the youth and children of Jamaica

Sponsor A Child

 For less than a $1 a day,you can change a child's life forever. Sponsoring a child will bring them the Love and Hope of Christ.

$28 dollars a month provides the opportunity to help families become empowered. We will be able to provide the assistance by way of parenting and family counsel, educational support both in school and in the community, and assist with food and shelter. Your sponsored child will receive necessities for becoming a confident young adult and embrace self worth. As a sponsor, you are assured a real connection between you and your child. The child you sponsor will know your name, write to you, and benefit directly from your monthly support. Your relationship with this child will play a significant role in his or her development. You stand a long side parents, pastors, teachers, and family and friends who are taking an active role in the well being of your child. These sponsored children will become ambassadors in their community.

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