"During that week, I lost part of my heart to a place I'd never seen before. I fell in love with Jamaica as soon as I arrived. I found Jamaica to be a beautiful land with beautiful people. The people who called this country home astounded me with their gracious kindness and gentle ways. There were many moments of great joy. Every day, though, as I looked around at beautiful, expectant faces with huge coffee-brown eyes hungry for the love of Jesus, I knew that I was here to love, and the rest I would figure out in time. What I learned during that time, though, is that love knows no language. I can't really explain in words the love I felt for these children or why I felt it.  I would never be the same.  My heart had found its joy as I served the beautiful people the world calls "poor" but who seem so rich in love to me. I have no doubt that God was preparing a longing in my heart for Jamaica years before I could even find this country; there is no other explanation for the instant love I felt for this place and these people. Though the soil will eventually wear off the soles of my feet, Jamaica will never leave my heart and is never far from my mind."

Mission Teams

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Sunday is filled with an exciting Jamaican worship service and beach with the children in the afternoon.  


Friday is the team’s off day which is filled with adventure.  

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Mission Experience

Welcome to the first day of a life changing experience here at Spicy Grove Youth Center, Oracabessa, St. Mary Jamaica!


Monday-Thursday is filled with morning devotionals at the public schools, work projects at the youth center and children’s ministries in the afternoon.

Your team will fly into beautiful Montego Bay and drive 2 hours along the north cost line with beautiful ocean views.  We stay on the sight at the youth center which gives the team a true life Jamaican experience.

Jamacain Cuisine

Breakfast is Eggs, Coconut Pancakes, French toast.  Lunch is sandwiches.  Dinner is Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Brown Stew Chicken, Curry Chicken, Stew Beef with many Jamaican sides such as festival, slaw, salad, fried green plantians, rice and peas.  Food that EVERYONE loves!



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